Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm Stuck!

I apologize for my disappearance, have been overwhelmed with household projects and busy season at the office. As April 15 looms closer, I find myself seeing the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, knowing that I'll have more free/Me time very soon.

I've been maintaining my weight, stuck at 155-ish, but am ready to recommit to my program, and myself, starting today. I only have 131 days left until my birthday, gotta get serious if I'm going to lose 20 more pounds.

Hope all is well with you all, and thank you for hanging in there with me!



  1. Welcome back! I'm sure you can't wait until tax time is behind you. Take care of yourself, I'm SURE you'll reach your goal in time for your birthday. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  2. I love how you find the perfect image to accompany the post! Brilliant! (Good luck on the home stretch of the weight loss... I'm at the beginning of my journey!)

  3. Good to see you back. Focus now - it sure is doable!