Thursday, September 17, 2009

Off the Wagon

I fell off the wagon just a bit, dear readers, and have not quite climbed back on. No excuses, just wanted to check in with my blogger buddies and let you know that while the scale is not moving (at least, not in a good way), I am alive & (sort've) well and trudging along here.

My household is slowly calming down, everyone is settling in except for the population of dustbunnies who are being removed little by little, day by day. This new commune living we've got going here is working out very nicely so far, love having my kids all under one roof and around the dinner table! We are all sharing the cooking responsibility which is interesting and a big relief but also a bit challenging for my eating plan.

So, today is a new day, a fresh opportunity to make good choices! Make it a beauty-full one!


  1. Great pic! Good to hear from you!

  2. Oooh, I can post to your blog! I have often experienced a lot of trouble and had to give up.

    So glad things are working well for you, even if you have fallen off the wagon for now - you will get into the groove again when a new routine is established.

    Thanks for being so good about visiting my blog, even when I couldn't post to yours!

  3. Hmm...I wonder why you couldn't post to my blog? I never set up any filters, maybe it was a glitch in the system? Glad you're back tho! xoxoxo